Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Good Advice from the Internet

I logged into LinkedIn this morning (an odd thing for me to do.... And, by the way, my LInkedIn page still said that I am doing a PhD. Which gives you some idea of how often I update it.)

(I have been on a business course this week, and have been learning a little bit about 'marketing yourself', amongst other things; hence the sudden urge to check out LinkedIn.)

Anyway, there are some clever people on there who are constantly tweeting out good business stories (so it doesn't count as procrastination, because I found it on LinkedIn. OK?....)

Anyway: here is an article that caught my eye.

'You Need to Give Up These Toxic Habits If You Want To Be Exceptionally Successful'


I like it!... In a nutshell, the article says things like:

- 'Comparison is the thief of joy' (Theodore Roosevelt). Don't compare; be happy with your achievements. (I read somewhere else that you only need to be better than the person you were yesterday.)

- Listen to people properly.

- Stop being 'too agreeable' - say 'no' to things, to avoid overstretching yourself!...

-'Give up the gossip' - don't gossip about people, because you'll lose their trust.

- 'Stop aimlessly roaming the internet' (this one made me smile, because, mwahaha, how else would we find all these weird and wonderful articles??... But, like I said, new rule: if I got it off LinkedIn, it doesn't count as time-wasting. If you got it off my BLOG - similarly, well done, you're off the hook. But now go do some work.)

- Stop procrastinating - choose a tiny bit of the task and make a start. (Regular visitors to this blog will know all about the Procrastination Bible - Neil Fiore's 'The Now Habit' book.)

- 'Dump the toxic waste' - if someone negative preoccupies you, don't think about him or her. Give your energy and brain space to thinking about people who make you happy instead.

Love it. And now go do some work.


CN xx

ps Just for fun, I'm having a read through my blog - from the bottom up. Read this: it's good stuff.

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