Tuesday, 14 March 2017

How to be Good at Interviews

I really, really suck at interviews. Why is this?... I know why: it's because I don't prepare for them properly. Ever. I just don't want to.

(I also know why because I just googled 'why am I bad at job interviews'.)

So I'm sitting here today, depressed (interview tomorrow), feeling stressed, thinking about how I really need to finish preparing my presentation for that job interview and how I reeeeeally don't want to, and the more time passes, the worse I feel ('Now there's hardly any time to......' 'Aaaaggggh'). And I'm Googling stupid things like 'why am I bad at interviews'. And I'm writing little motivational notes to myself, which i am leaving all over the place. And I'm making myself tea. And doing laundry. And... And... And...

The universe is an interesting thing sometimes. An email just arrived in my inbox with the title 'Some interview questions'. I did a double take. It is actually from my book editor, who would like to write a fun little blurb about me on the publisher's website, and to that end has sent me a few questions to answer. Can I just say: TOTALLY UP MY STREET. I perked up immediately; I feel like a celebrity already. I started drafting lovely thoughtful answers before I could stop myself: come on, bitch, you've GOT an interview to prepare already.

And then it struck me: why must I hate the job interview prep, when really it is kind of the same as the fun 'interview questions' - think about my life, think about what people want to hear, tell them a nice story?...  Why can't I see it a bit more as an exercise in something like 'Hey, I'm amazing - of course you can interview me about all the amazing things I've done!... I can't wait to tell you everything I know...'

(Disclaimer: bit delusional, yes, I know. But I'm running out of time and I'll take ANY positive thought that comes my way. Anything. Really, anything.)

So now let's go ace that interview prep....


CN xx


  1. I can relate to your way of thinking. It might be worth seeing a doctor to look at something for anxiety to give you a little break, let you get things together and then come off them. It worked for me, I still get this kind of thinking but, having had the break from it, now have the ability to stop it. I hope your interview went well!!

    1. Hello there!... Thank you for your comment. Yes, you might be right. I may well be due a quickie appointment with my lovely therapist, and this may well be a useful thing to talk about ;) On the other hand, I may just need to stop applying for side jobs I can kind-of-do but don't-really-want (resulting in stress and then half-arsed, badly informed interview prep) and spend that time focusing on things I am actually good at... That's another thought ;) Hope all's well with you!