Thursday, 22 September 2016

Helping Hands

I love it when someone writes things to help other people be successful.

Some very useful advice on how to sell your PhD experience on job application forms (especially non-academic ones) : or, how to avoid using the words 'student' and 'PhD' altogether. Sensible advice, as far as I'm concerned (having previously been told, in post-interview feedback, that I 'talked about my PhD too much',where no-one cares about it; and having been on the receiving end of the confused interviewer's glare: 'But you're an academic, aren't you?... So why do you want this job?')

I'm writing a job application as we speak, and I have banished all woolly statements and replaced them with the more dynamic-sounding examples the article suggests (in the words of a careers counsellor I once saw: 'words like "helped" and "supported" are banned'; and 'the point of these bullet points is to provide dated proof that you can do things'.)

We'll see how it goes.

Good luck everyone!

CN xx

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