Thursday, 2 April 2015

'Stop agonizing over perfection'

Something nice which I came across the other day, and which I've been wanting to share on here: this is a suggestion on how to think about your writing.

"Stop agonizing over perfection. [...] Instead, focus [on] offering value to others. This change of attitude made a huge difference for me and my book. I put a post-it by my laptop as a reminder every day, “How can I be most helpful to my reader?"

I think this might just be the perfect note-to-self for the odd (agonizing, perfectionist) PhD student.

You can find the whole piece here:

Have a great day, everybody!...



  1. Great advice as usual, Dr Cloud Nine. How is it all going? Post Phd, I am working in a role where I get to motivate other PhD students, and I love your latest suggestion. I had a note stuck to my monitor that said "You can't fix nothing", but this is much more inspiring. All the best, my friend in cyberspace xx

    1. Dear Dr JackNohiNZ!!.... Pleasure to see you. Congrats on the job - by the sound of it, you have my dream job!... - glad to hear you are passing on all your wisdom to PhD students, that makes it all worthwhile!... I stumbled on this article on writing and it struck me as a very very useful way to think. I'm very well, have just temporarily moved country (for 'research') and am turning my thesis into a book, and enjoying life. Hope all's well with you! Xx