Friday, 11 July 2014

The PhD Thesis: Take Two

Now: I don’t know if this is sensible of me, or just Goddamn stupid, but I have accepted an offer to turn my PhD thesis into a book.

The reason I have accepted this offer is because the offer comes with a nice chunk of MONEY.  Enough for a frugal ex-PhD student to live on for a year or so.

The other reason I accepted the offer was – what, d’you think I’d turn down an offer to become a Paid Writer?... After all the years and all the blogs and unfinished movie scripts?... Surely to say ‘no’ now would be madness... 

I do wonder, however, if I can really do this. I wonder if I can stomach working on my PhD thesis again. But I am willing to give it a go. The thing is – I really do want my PhD thesis to become a book. I’ve already put so much work into the damn thing. And I still firmly believe that it is quite racy.

And a year is enough time to work on not just the thesis, but other little projects, too.

This offer has been in the pipeline for some time. I still went to job interviews; I am still trying to set up some (unpaid) work experience. But I have finished with the soul-destroying Job, and, slowly but surely, I am letting myself enjoy my decision: for one year – and bugger the consequences – I am going to be a writer. (Who knows what might happen in a year?...)

(‘Consequences’ – I have sort of thought, you know, of the old maxim: ‘Give the woman a book grant, you feed her for a year; give the woman a job, you feed her for life’… or something. But then again, seeing as no job is forthcoming, and a book grant beckons…)

So here it is. I am going to be a Paid Writer for one year.

It really was quite exciting, telling someone down the pub last night (in response to the usual ‘And what do you do’ question’) - ‘I am going to be a Paid Writer’. And I’m bloody well going to enjoy it.

You just never know, do you, where this PhD stuff will lead you one day. You never know…


  1. Congratulations Dr Cloud-nine! That's awesome news! I'm so sure that the many lessons learnt during writing your PhD will make this experience much more enjoyable! Best wishes!!

    1. Thanks, Argggggg!... Lessons have been learned, indeed! ... I will be trying very hard to apply these lessons to my new writing experience, and basically make sure that I have an awesome time!... How's things with you? :)

  2. Well done Dr cloud nine! This is exciting news!

    1. Thanks, Dr J! How are you keeping these days?

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