Thursday, 13 March 2014

Just a quick note today, to let you know that I am procrastinating my life away on several projects (which is always the case: there's always several projects. Why do I take on so many projects? The trouble is, when people ask you to do things, you say 'yes' because you can see yourself doing that one thing, and doing it well. Say 'yes' to five more things, however, and it's all of a sudden impossible to know which one to even start. I am procrastinating over: my PhD corrections; a special present I promised to make for someone; several job applications which are hanging over my head; and a powerpoint for a lecture I am writing, which I am to deliver to some students very, very soon. I don't want to do any of them. And then there's some other stuff, too...)

Neil Fiore, author of the Procrastination Bible, says something like this: every 'have to' (I have to do X, but I don't want to; I wish I didn't have to) needs to be replaced by a mature decision about how you will begin the project, or how you will explain to your boss that you will not do it.

I already know this. I've been through this. I thought I could get by without the Procrastination Bible constantly at my side, but it turns out I am not quite ready to go it alone. Right: time to open the holy text again, and print off an 'Unschedule' to help me keep track of my time, and do the Focusing Exercise (breathe, relax, and get to work.)

Good luck today, everyone!


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