Thursday, 24 October 2013


...what can i do with my life?

I have had a think about things, and it seems that my skills and interests include:

writing stories.
making (very short) films.
teaching people how to do things (but only things i like, eg. how to draw a picture, how to clean the floor, how to make a pair of earrings out of plastic beads; or teaching very small kids how to draw elephants and cats; nothing like 'how to teach the passé composé', or 'how to pass your exams'; none of that. God preserve me from anything involving shouting/ crowd control).
drawing and painting.
cleaning floors (although my future career as a cleaner is now in some danger because of hurt wrist).
googling pictures of celebs and admiring (and emulating) their outfits.
talking to people and cheering them up.
singing (although current persistent cough prohibitive to this career option in the short term).
telling people what THEY should be doing with their lives (for example giving expert advice on relationships; writing blogs about 'How to do a PhD', etc…)
… oh yes; and I can cook.


(hmmm, i sense an idea forming. maybe I should: draw pictures of attractive celebs, and sell them on eBay; volunteer with Samaritans, or similar, in my spare time; … anything else?… I don't know…)

Suggestions on a postcard.


  1. Hey cloud nine
    I submitted yesterday morning @ 7.48am!!!! I was in a post-Phd submission blur yesterday but it was great to wake up this morning and not to have to sit down to write. I laughed when I read this post (I do teach students how to pass exams, but I didn't know what a passé composé' was and had to google it so I'm off the hook on that one). I think you are a really motivational writer (cue future career for you), and I really want to thank you, because I credit your blog with keeping me sane and committed. When I found it I was so close to quitting (I was googling "I hate my PhD" to make a good case for doing this) but now it is submitted! I hope that all is well with you xxx

  2. hey hey! by the way, i tried to reply to this as soon as I saw it, but my terrible internet connection thwarted my plans that day... please forgive me for the long silence!! I AM SO SO HAPPY FOR YOU! i hope you had a good holiday after submitting and that you are still basking in the glory (you deserve to be very, very happy with yourself!) and i want to thank you too, because you have helped me finish my PhD too, by joining in with my disgruntled chunterings and cheering me on. i wish you all the most amazing things in life. 'motivational writer' - oooh, i like!!! :) :) :)