Monday, 9 September 2013


At some point, sitting on a train going somewhere and feeling far too excited about the infinite possibilities of life to actually sit nicely and read bits of my PhD, I used a page from one of my chapters (which I was supposed to be editing) to start scribbling my Acknowledgments. (i hope I can still find that bloody page; I did some good work that day.) it's an important one, and i want to do it right; I want to write something nice about my supervisors, who are my Gods; I want to thank the Lover, who has sat with me through the murkiest times and tried to make himself useful. (and who has not given up and dumped me for some other girl, named something like, say, Kerstin, who would have been much nicer to him and who wouldn't be spending all her time doing a PhD. For not yielding to such frivolous temptations, I shall always be grateful to him.)

then there are a few more acknowledgments which come into my head, which are of a kind that isn't normally included in PhDs (but maybe some of them will be in mine, you never know - first time for everything - because i would also like to say thank you...) :

'...To the staff at the student counselling department at (my Uni): thank you for your invaluable help and support through the difficult times.

...To my Sibling: for your criticism of my PhD, which, when I was ready to give up, made me resolve to carry on and finish just to prove you wrong, I shall always be (kind of) grateful. 
[this one i might just leave out, that way i might make my point even better]

... And to stephiep, JackNohiNZ, Magdalena, mizwit, Fall Girl, C, Holly1983, Pe Aich De Hater,  meanchic, Susie, Kato, universityoflies, gradstudentparentetc, Dani14, Hello & welcome to the Transition Guildford Blog!, Divya, Jen, Lodhi Saab, jacktherat, nervewreck... to everyone who has read my blog and who wrote in with kind words of support and advice: thaaaanks!...'



  1. Haha, I like that last one :-) X

  2. I agree that last one is brilliant :)

  3. thanks cloud nine, I like the last one too x

  4. oops, I totally forgot to mention: my thanks must also go to all the writers of procrastination bibles, PhD manuals, and similar... basically, anyone who devotes their life to making PhD students (and just normal stressed-out people in general) feel great about themselves!